Market Conditions

For the Week of May 2nd, 2016


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Sunday: 7:00a.m. – 2:00p.m.

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In our commitment to supporting Oregon Agriculture, we are handling the following Oregon grown items during the month of MAY

Apples, Cabbage (Red and Green) Celery Root, Kale, Mushrooms, Yellow and Red Onions, Leeks, Bosc Pears, Russet Potatoes, Parsnips, Hard Squash (Butternut and Danish).


Current Produce Market Report
May 2nd, 2016


The rain and cooler weather last week in Salinas caused some problems with the yields, availability and quality of some crops.

Item Market Trend Quality Note
Apples Strong Good Red Delicious inventory are slowly increasing.  Granny’s are steady though sizes larger than 88s and smaller than 125s are limited and will command a premium.
Asparagus Increasing Very Good The Washington crop is well under way-Prices are very high for No.1 grade/
Avocados Steady Good Great supplies out of Mexico. California crops getting a good start. Higher prices until after Cinco de Mayo
Bananas Steady Good The market remains steady and demand high.
Broccoli Steady Excellent  

Steady supplies with the demand up quality is excellent.

Brussels Sprouts Increasing Excellent We will be seeing a supply gap for sprouts shortly.  The hot temps over the last few weeks forced suppliers to speed up their harvesting and picked fields ahead of schedule.  Prices will get higher but quality will continue to be fantastic!
Cabbage Higher Good The desert crop is now finished and Salinas just starting, Prices will be higher until crops are yielding more.
Cantaloupe Decreasing Good The volume is strong and the supplies are steady on the South American crop. Look for U. S. to start towards the end of May.
Carrots Increasing Fair Supplies will be tight and prices high until Bakersfield starts in full production.
Cauliflower Decreasing Excellent  

Salinas is going strong quality and supplies are good.

Celery Steady Good Look for good supplies and quality until Oxnard finishes up. When they finish look for higher prices.
Cilantro Steady Good .  Strong supplies and excellent bunch size and quality is also good
Cucumbers Decreasing Good Quality is very good with good supplies with many districts producing.
Eggplant Steady Good Coachella crop has started with Mexico still going.
Grapefruit Steady Good Texas fruit is finishing with California now going.
Grapes Very High Mixed The grape market is still very high. We are still bringing in grapes from Chile until the Calif. Crop starts. The Chilean grapes now must make U. S. No. 1 Grade by the USDA to enter the country. The Green grapes were short to start with so now are very hard to find.
Green Beans Down Excellent The beans have started in Coachella and Florida is going strong. Good supplies Prices dropping
Honeydew Higher Good Quality is good with decent sugar levels.  Production has slowed , prices higher  Most large sizes are to be found with sizes peaking at 6ct.
Lemons Higher Good Good quality except for occasional mold from rainy and warm weather. Market is on the rise with the Southern growing district ends. Larger sizes are limited Size peaking on small sizes
Leaf Lettuce increasing Good Demand is high and the yield is down. Look for higher prices.
Lettuce Iceberg Increasing Good Demand is high and the yield is down. Look for higher prices.
Limes Very High Good  

Availability is the issue supplies are short. Demand is high. Look for some price drops after Cinco de Mayo

Mushrooms Steady Good Pricing remains steady, supplies have been very short.  Been buying from Canada when local is short.
Onions Higher Mixed Getting ready for the Transition from the N.W. crops to California
Oranges Active Good Quality is good to fair Sizes peaking at 72s, 56s and 88s.  Rains have helped increase sizing   Expect good supply past May.
Peppers Green Bell Down Improving Supplies now exceeds demand. Mexico and Coachella both producing. Prices are dropping
Peppers Red/Yellow Bell  High Fair Supplies of field run red and yellow peppers are extremely tight. Coachella crop is now starting.
Pineapple Steady Good Demand is high. Supplies will increase in a few weeks. Then look for a price drop
Potatoes Russet Steady Good Light scarring and some bruising.
Potatoes Yukon Gold High Good N. W. crop is all but finished on Yukons and Reds

New crop California has started but very high.

Root Vegetables Steady Good Turnips, rutabagas, Beets and parsnips are all in good supply. Still a lot of local
Spinach Steady Good Some mechanical damage and yellowing reported.
Squash Weak Good Plentiful on Zucchini and Yellow Squash on all grades and sizes from Mexico Color is great on Zukes with lots of scarring found on Yellow Squash.
Squash Winter/Hard Steady   Butternut and Danish has excellent quality and supply with decent demand.  Some large sizes but mostly medium.
Strawberries Increasing Fair Rains and winds have hindered production.  Water damage and bruising reports should be expected over the next few weeks. Weather permitting, look for price drops after the Mothers Day pull.
Tomatoes Grape/Cherry Steady Good Market is weak, supplies are good
Tomatoes Roma Steady Good Market is weak supplies are good
Tomatoes Round Steady Good Market is weak supplies are good
Watermelon High Fair Supplies have become tight due to the wet weather and the transition from Colima and Jalisco to Campeche and Sonora Mexico.


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