About Us

Emerald Fruit & Produce prides itself on providing the highest quality produce available to the supermarket and food service industry.
On a daily basis our company supplies fresh produce to local schools, hospitals and other care facilities as well as the many restaurants and grocery stores that help feed our community.
Located in Eugene, Oregon, Emerald Fruit & Produce Co. has been serving the local community since it was founded by Leighton Herbert in 1962. Since our beginning, we have always strived to be active in the community by regularly donating to various organizations, such as schools, church groups, and local charities.
Because Emerald Fruit & Produce Co. is a locally family owned and operated business we recognize the importance of our local economy.  We understand the role that local agriculture has on us and our community.  We believe that supporting local farms not only benefits us, but our community as a whole. Throughout the local growing season we purchase as much locally grown produce as possible.
In order to ensure high levels of quality and a reliable supply throughout the entire year, we buy product from direct sources in California and Arizona.  Over the last forty five years we have established long standing friendships with our suppliers and farmers in those areas.
At Emerald Fruit & Produce Co. our food safety policies and procedures are in place to ensure that we provide safe and quality produce to all of our customers. Our quality assurance professionals follow procedures that surpass the most stringent food safety standards as required by the USDA, FDA and state regulations. Our facility is maintained daily to keep a clean environment for our products and workers.
To ensure the freshest product possible we have an in house preparation facility for our fresh cut, made to order value added items.  Most products are prepared and shipped out to the customer the same day that they are ordered. We continue to grow daily in order to meet the changing needs for our wide range of customers.
We pride ourselves on complete transparency with our suppliers and customers, strong communication, and a commitment to the produce industry. We offer the highest quality product and service to our valued customers.
We are located at 2525 W. 7th Place in Eugene, Oregon and our warehouse is open for will call orders during regular business hours. M – F 6:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Saturday 6:00 AM – NOON and Sunday 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Good Afternoon,

    I am the Safety/HR Director for my day job. But my PASSION is my pig farm on in Junction City. I was told through a friend of a friend that I could pick up your old/expired/overripe produce that you just throw out.

    If possible, and I truly hope it is, can I pick up the produce you are tossing? I would love to pick it up on a continuous basis if possible. I have a truck and will take anything you have on any day you will have it.

    My contact number is my cell phone 971-261-8985. Thank you and I hope to build a lasting relationship taking your garbage : )



    • Hello Kelly, currently we donate all of our produce that we’re unable to sell to Food for Lane County. We let them determine what they can and can’t use and let them make the choice to donate to local farmers. I will keep your contact information so that if anything changes in the future, we will get a hold of you.

      Thank you,
      Emerald Fruit Management

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